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Colorado's No. 1 Nationals fan returned to cheer on Jayson Werth, left with swag

The Nationals might have been over 1,500 miles from home during their 8-4 loss to the Rockies on Monday at Coors Field, but one familiar fan helped them feel right at home.
During a previous road trip by the Nationals to Coors Field on Aug. 16, 2016, outfielder Jayson Werth suffered a hit by pitch. He was mostly fine and ended up staying in the game, but it still provided a scare for a young Nationals fan in the stands.

Word reached Werth about this fan's concern, so to show his appreciation, he had one of his bats sent to her.
Look who decided to pay Werth and the Nationals another visit when they returned to Denver.

This time, she came ready, going as far as bringing Werth a present. It was a framed photo of her stunned reaction to his hit by pitch last year, fresh with her own autograph on there. Forget the idea of her wanting his autograph -- it was clearly a privilege for Werth to get hers!
Once again, Werth wanted her to know about his gratitude. So when he caught a flyout to the end the sixth inning, he made sure to pick her out in the stands and have the ball sent to her.
This was a much better day for her to watch Werth anyway, as he went 1-for-3 with a walk and a double, his first hit since suffering a minor groin injury in Atlanta on April 19. Most importantly, both parties left the park with souvenirs from each other and a stronger fan/player connection than ever.
The obvious next step is for Werth to reward the young Nationals fan's dedication with a home run ball. Let's make it happen, Jayson.