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This young Red Sox fan on the verge of tears over their AL pennant victory is what baseball's all about

When your team's on the verge of something big, you get excited. It can't be helped. That's how sports work -- getting immeasurably and irrationally emotional over the success or failure of a group of athletes to whom you feel a special affinity. It's a magnetism.
The magnetism was definitely felt by one nine-year-old Red Sox fan at Minute Maid Park on Thursday night, hoping to watch his Red Sox push through, eliminate the Astros and advance to their fourth World Series appearance in 15 years. The kid was excited.

After David Price pitched his heart out for six shutout innings (picking up his first postseason win as a starter but his second pennant win), Craig Kimbrel slammed the door on Houston's pennant hopes, and it was done. Boston won, 4-1. The kid was now over the moon.

Young Benjamin, who hails from Tampa, Fla., is probably the happiest Red Sox fan around right now. 
It may seem like Boston was just in the Fall Classic pretty recently ... but Benjamin's young. For him, this is special. This is something new.
It's baseball.