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Yu Darvish lost his balance on the mound, but still managed to get the strikeout

It's no secret that Yu Darvish is dominant on the mound: The four-time All-Star has 1,021 career strikeouts over five years. However, this might be one of the first times you see him doing something unusual with his delivery.
In the bottom of the fifth during Wednesday's Cubs-Rangers game, Darvish threw a 1-2 pitch to Drew Robinson. The righty lost a bit of balance, but that didn't stop him from getting the strikeout:

He walked off in a "Yep -- I knew what I was doing the whole time" type of way, which was pretty believable. 
"I got off balance," Darvish said to's Carrie Muskat. "I thought of not pitching, and went with it and ended up getting a strikeout. I think it was the best pitch today."
It may have been. The Cubs won, 5-1, over the Rangers -- and of course, Darvish got the win. 
Darvish managed to show us just how great of a pitcher he is -- while balancing on just one foot. Impressive.