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Zach Eflin hit his first career home run and the Phillies' bullpen rejoiced

Before Friday night, Phillies pitcher Zach Eflin had never hit a home run as a professional baseball player. Since he's a pitcher, though, that was probably OK -- the list of pitchers who have hit home runs is relatively short. 

But, in the third inning of Friday's game against the Blue Jays, Eflin finally hit that first dinger ... and it was a doozy, coming off his bat at 106.1 mph, according to Statcast, and landing 418 feet later beyond the center-field wall. In fact, it landed right in front of his buddies out in the bullpen:


Hector Neris didn't waste any time. As soon as the ball landed in the bullpen, he took to dancing:


After he expressed his own joy for Eflin's accomplishment, Neris returned to his fellow bullpen companions to choreograph their own dancing routine:


Every accomplishment is more fun when our friends are there to celebrate with us. Or, in Eflin's case, when friends are a mere 400-some feet away.