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Zack Greinke might be physically incapable of not flipping his bat at this point

For most non-Bartolo pitchers, simply putting the ball in play is enough of a hurdle -- this isn't their day job, after all. Zack Greinke, however, is not most pitchers. He's not even most #PitchersWhoRake: Greinke entered Thursday at 5-for-16 on the season, with a run scored, an RBI and a .313 average. 
And, as such, Greinke holds his at-bats to a higher standard. Solid contact isn't enough -- there must be style points. Namely, there must be bat flips. Bat flips after dingers. Even bat flips after doubles. So, when Greinke ripped a ball off the center-field wall during Thursday's game against the Giants, there was only one possible response: Of course he flipped his bat.

The form. The flair. The casual disregard for the fact that the ball clearly did not go over the wall. These are the signs of a man fully committed to the bat flip life.