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The best part of the D-backs' win was Zack Greinke 'driving the bus' at first base

D-backs outfielder David Peralta called it the best moment of his team's 12-7 win over the Cardinals on Monday night.
Peralta was not referring to Arizona's nine-run rally in the sixth inning. Nor was he talking about another four-hit game from Jean Segura that included a three-run homer.
No, what had Peralta and his teammates smiling about the most after the game was that he convinced pitcher Zack Greinke to drive the bus.
Over the past year, some D-backs players, after getting an extra-base hit or a big single, move their hands up and down like they're driving. They call it "driving the bus."
After Greinke squared around to bunt in the sixth, but instead pulled the bat back and slapped a single to left, Peralta was on the top step of the D-backs' dugout imploring him to do the driving motion.

At first, it seemed like Greinke was not going to give in and Peralta was clearly disappointed. But then Greinke did it and Peralta's joy was evident.
"When he got to first, I was trying to give him the sign and say, 'Come on, drive the bus,'" Peralta said. "He was trying to ignore me, and I'm like c'mon. And then he did it! I was so excited! It was the best moment of the game. You know he's kind of serious and everything. I like him to drive the bus."
If not for Peralta's prompting, there's little chance Greinke would have done it.
"Just a little bit," Greinke said when asked about driving the bus. "It never crossed my mind and then I just saw him. I gotta make him feel good, he's driving in a lot of runs for us."
Though getting Greinke to drive the bus is a huge accomplishment, Peralta wants to aim even higher, vowing that he will get the ultra-modest Paul Goldschmidt to do so as well.

Stay tuned.
Steve Gilbert has covered the D-backs for since 2001. Follow him on Twitter @SteveGilbertMLB.