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Zack Wheeler admits that he wasn't the best player on his Little League teams

Every year, millions of kids participate in Little League baseball and softball. Obviously, most of those players will never become big leaguers, so, it stands to reason that nearly every Major Leaguer was the star of his Little League club. That wasn't Zack Wheeler's case. 
"We had some boppers," Wheeler said before Sunday's Little League Classic -- which the Mets won, 8-2. "I was just a little average that could pitch a little bit and play a little in the field, but we had some boppers."
And what's the No. 1 thing he wishes he could bring from his Little League days to the Majors? "The after-the-game Dairy Queen runs. Going to get an ice cream with your family, your friends, your teammates, that was always fun." 
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