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Zombies of the 1908 Cubs showed up to Wrigley Field Sunday night

When the Cubs won the 2016 World Series over the Indians, they snapped a historic 108-year drought that stretched all the way back to their 1908 championship team. Many thought that they had put the ghosts of that 1908 team to rest with that win.
That 1908 team doesn't seem to be going away that easily, though. Zombies from that squad made an appearance Sunday night when the Cubs took on the Nationals at Wrigley Field. Oddly enough, the fully-living fans in the vicinity seemed unconcerned:

This appears to be a contingent from the same cast of zombies that appeared in 2016. From left to right, then, we're looking at Joe Tinker, Orval Overall and Frank Chance. 
When these zombies showed up to the 2016 World Series, they portended, "When the zombies of 1908 rest in peace, decades of frustration will finally cease." With the zombies of '08 making another appearance Sunday night, our working assumption is that decades of frustration have not entirely ended. Or, maybe they're just fans who want to see their team win another World Series.