Katy Feeney Leadership Awards

The Katy Feeney Leadership Awards is an annual program that recognizes one exceptional female employee in the front office at each of our 30 MLB Clubs, one from the Office of the Commissioner, and one from MLB Network. This prestigious award is designed to celebrate the significant contributions and outstanding initiative demonstrated by these women and to honor the legacy of Katy Feeney, whose pioneering leadership, accomplishments and influence have forever left an indelible mark on our game.

To celebrate Katy Feeney's remarkable 40-year career and her one-of-a-kind spirit, Major League Baseball is proud to partner with Sports & Entertainment Impact Collective (SEIC) to introduce the Katy Feeney Leadership Awards program. This custom professional development series is exclusively tailored for the 2023 cohort.

Sports & Entertainment Impact Collective (SEIC), in collaboration with Major League Baseball, will deliver a series of interactive discussions, both in person and virtually, as part of this program. These discussions will focus on vital topics such as leadership and mentorship, designed to empower and inspire these impactful leaders to continue changing the game.

The Katy Feeney Awards and the SEIC professional development series together exemplify our commitment to recognizing and fostering the talent and leadership of women in MLB.

2023 Katy Feeney Leadership Awards Luncheon

2022 Katy Feeney Leadership Luncheon