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MLB.TV is included with Extra Innings through my pay TV provider. How do I link my accounts and access MLB.TV?


  • You must have a subscription with a participating pay TV provider offering MLB.TV access as part of Extra Innings. To verify, please click here.
  • You must link your Extra Innings subscription on our website using the same email address associated with your account.
  • A different email address may not already be linked to your pay TV Provider credentials.
  • If your email has previously been registered to you do not need to register that email address again. Just link your existing account to your pay TV provider credentials

If you purchased MLB.TV through your pay TV provider, please follow the steps below to activate MLB.TV:

1. Click here to select your pay TV provider.

2. Login using your pay TV provider credentials. If you are unsure of your provider credentials, please contact your pay TV provider.

3. Link your pay TV provider credentials with a new or existing account.

4. Login using your credentials.

MLB App access is included for FREE with MLB.TV. To access MLB.TV on your favorite supported Apple or Android mobile device, please follow the steps below. For a full list of supported devices, click here.

To view MLB.TV on your supported mobile device after activating MLB.TV, please follow the steps below:

Apple Devices go to the iTunes App Store / Android Devices go to the Google Play Market/ Amazon Devices go to the Amazon Store.

1. Download the free MLB App.

2. Open “MLB” and tap on “Subscriber Login” for Apple Devices or “Sign in with” for Android Devices.

3. Type in your credentials and tap “Log In.”