Major League Baseball's Drug Prevention and Treatment Programs were established to prevent and end the use of Prohibited Substances by all 40- and non 40-man roster Players. The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball has concluded that the use of Prohibited Substances is potentially hazardous to a Player's health and/or may give a Player an unfair competitive advantage.

You are responsible for knowing the policies that apply to you and may be subject to consequences if you violate those Policies. Below are links to the Major and Minor League Drug Programs and other related policies and memoranda. If you have questions or concerns about any of the below information, we encourage you to reach out to your Club's medical staff or one of the contacts listed below.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding nutritional and dietary supplements, please contact:

Tim Maxey
MLB/MLPA Joint Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
[email protected]

For general program or policy questions, including medication usage, please contact:

Jon Coyles
[email protected]

Lindsey Ingraham
[email protected]

For more information about the Treatment Program for Substance Abuse, please contact your Club's EAP or:

Dr. Larry Westreich
[email protected]