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MLB’s Player Programs group develops trainings that aim to help current Minor and Major League Players successfully transition through the various stages of their baseball career and understand all applicable League policies. During our annual programs, players are provided information on several topics, which includes Healthy Relationships, Prohibited Substances, Social Media, Diversity & Inclusion, Financial Responsibility, Mental Wellness, Prohibited Conduct & Player Safety — On & Off the Field. A description of each program is outlined below:

Prospect Development Pipeline (PDP League)

This PDP program is for elite high school players from the U.S. that are eligible to be drafted the following year.

Ahead in the Count (AITC)

The AITC program is conducted with drafted first-year players in the U.S. (including Domestic and International players) and the En Base program is conducted with players in the Dominican Summer League (DSL).

Prospects & Expectations

This program is for players participating in the Arizona Fall League (AFL), many of whom have been through previously provided MLB workshops. These players will most likely move on to play in the Majors.

Rookie Program (RP)

This is a four-day joint program with the MLBPA designed to provide guidance and identify resources for players (top four prospects from each Club) with some Major League player experience or on the verge of having Major League careers. Experts in finance, health & wellness, media relations and sports psychology present and work closely with the players to address many of the issues that often arise during this transition.

Spring Training

Minor and Major League players are educated on topics such as Healthy Relationships, Social Media, Safe Driving, Gambling and Safety.

Trainer Partnership Program (TPP)

This program is for amateur Latin American players not yet signed to contracts covered by MLB policies.

First Year Player & Parent Orientation (FYPP)

This program is for Latin Players who sign on the July 2 signing period under the International Amateur Talent System. Workshops cover an introduction to MLB policies for player and their parents or legal guardians.

Dominican Academies Coaches Training

This program is for baseball coaches and anyone from the Clubs that interacts with players in the D.R. Academies and includes a half-day workshop intended to provide coaches with the same policy education and training DSL players receive from MLB throughout the year.

School for Coaches

This program is for baseball coaches in the D.R. Academies with the goal of providing a positive, development-based programs that optimizes the potential of each coach and prepares them to meet the challenges on and off the field.

School for Parents

This program is for parents of players in the D.R. Academies focusing on educational sessions on fiance, safe driving, diversity and inclusion, family demands and other related topics with the goal of increasing awareness and accountability of parent’s roles in players’ development.

Education Program Support

This program is for Player Development & Education Professionals at the Clubs with the goal of ensuring that all Clubs are held to specific standards with respect to providing education, including English classes and life skill workshops to their players.

Former Player Program

This program was created to provide educational scholarship opportunities to eligible players that have been released from the Dominican Summer League to help them continue their education and achieve their career goals off the field.

Community Initiatives

The Player Programs department at the MLB Office in the Dominican Republic (DR) collaborates with the DR Academies to engage in, coordinate and support various community engagement initiatives. Some of the events and programs that have been held in the past include:

  • Baseball Clinics
  • Schools for Parents
  • School for Coaches
  • RBI Education
  • Beach Clean Up Day