MLB Player Programs supports player development by training players to understand and achieve Major League expectations on and off the field.

Annual Programming Calendar


Rookie Program
This is a joint program with the MLBPA designed to provide guidance and identify resources for players on the verge of Major League careers. Experts in finance, health & wellness, media relations and sports psychology present and work closely with the players to address many of the issues that often arise during this transition.

Coach Development Program
All coaches and staff interacting with players are strongly encouraged to receive this training on our policies to ensure that they can appropriately support players and make informed decisions regarding player development.


Player Transition Program (PTP)
This program is designed to guide players in the DSL and those expected to travel to the United States for the first time in the transition process. A wide array of topics are addressed, including learning English and new customs, DEI, mental wellness, immigration laws, drug education, healthy relationships, financial responsibility, etc.



First-Year Player & Parent Program
This program is for players who sign under the International Amateur Talent System between the Jan. 15 through Dec. 15 signing period. This Program aims to introduce players and their parents/guardians to Major League Baseball’s policies and provide them with guidance, support and resources as they begin to make decisions about and in furtherance of their careers. Additional sessions are coordinated throughout the year for parents via Zoom. This program is available in English and Spanish. Language interpretation services are available for other languages.



Player Programming Best Practices
The Player Programs staff will work closely with the education professionals to provide resources and train the trainer sessions so each team can conduct follow-up education sessions with their respective players throughout the season.

En Base
This program is designed to provide DSL players with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about their careers through a sequence of topics such as DEI, safe driving, healthy relationships, prohibited substances, social media, financial responsibility, sexual health and mental wellness. A variety of other topics are also available at the Club’s request. The program is conducted through video trainings and in-person/Zoom webinars.

MLB Draft Combine
The Draft Combine is an educational orientation designed to provide participating players with the necessary tools, resources and support to help ensure that they make informed decisions as they begin a potential transition to professional baseball. Topics include healthy relationships, security and safe driving, prohibited substances, financial responsibility, mental wellness, diversity and Inclusion.


En Base


En Base

Ahead in the Count
MLB’s internal staff and approved consultants conduct English and Spanish sessions covering topics of importance to the off-field development of young players. Topics include healthy relationships, security and safe driving, prohibited substances, financial responsibility, mental wellness, diversity and inclusion, social media and more.


Ahead in the Count

Prospects & Expectations
Half-day program conducted for more than 200 players participating in the Arizona Fall League getting ready to take the next big step into the Majors.


En Base for Coaches
This program aims to provide coaches in the DR Academies with the same policy education and training DSL players receive from MLB throughout the year since they are the officials the players interact with the most. A similar pilot program was run in 2023 for coaches and staff in the US affiliates. The plan is to make the Coaches Development Program a yearly program.



Winter Meetings

Other Programs & Initiatives

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