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Leadership Development Meetings

Leadership development meetings are held, at minimum, bi-weekly. The purpose is to encourage camaraderie among leaders while providing them with the opportunity to develop effective meeting techniques, enhance their written and verbal communication, develop managerial skills and carry-out projects.

Executive Board

The Jeter's Leaders program will be managed by an appointed executive board. The Executive Board includes a president, vice-president, secretary and parliamentarian. Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as leaders to peers;
  • Steer fellow Jeter's Leaders and committees;
  • Execute decisions and develop ideas for activities, programs, and projects;
  • Enforce program rules.


Mentoring is a critical component of the program since it offers the leaders the opportunity to carry out the program's mission. The goal of mentoring is to provide the Jeter's Leaders with the arena to serve as role models to younger youth. By creating open lines of communication, the leaders will be able to demonstrate leadership skills through the facilitation of tutoring, goal setting workshops, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The mentoring element provides a platform for each leader to lead while giving him or her a voice to promote the Foundation and its work.

Workshop Training

Workshops and trainings are divided into two categories: life skills enhancement -- sex education, nutrition, financial literacy, etiquette, etc. -- and those that provide leaders with the necessary tools to impact and influence other youth -- public speaking, conflict resolution, homework help, etc.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Leaders participate in trainings, field trips and other initiatives to provide them with information on the effects and consequences associated with substance abuse.

College Exploration

The program offers a comprehensive college exploration component that encompasses SAT/ACT preparation in an effort to better prepare Leaders for standardized exams; college visits to schools to broaden the idea of pursuing higher education; college prep to assist with identifying schools; completing applications; essay writing; and navigating the financial aid and scholarships processes.

Alumni College Visits

Throughout the year, Jeter's Leaders graduates welcome current program participants to their colleges or universities for the day and serve as tour guides during their visit. College trips are also an opportunity for alumni in the area to serve as chaperones. This initiative allows alumni to remain committed to the program and to continue its work of mentoring peers and serving as role models.

The "Spring into College Tour"

The spring college tour is an annual trip that provides the Jeter's Leaders the opportunity to visit colleges and universities outside of their immediate home area. The tour broadens the leaders' exposure to campus life and provides opportunities for students to compare and contrast different schools and locations. College tours are generally composed of two to three historically black colleges or universities and three to four major colleges and universities. Past tours have brought the leaders to Georgia, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, New York and California. The "Spring into College Tour" takes place during the week of spring break for public schools.