Derek Jeter/Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

Administered by the Jackie Robinson Foundation and provides four-year college scholarships and mentoring to high-achieving minority students from the New York City area that display excellent leadership potential. Scholarship was endowed in 2001, but Derek and Turn 2's support began in 1998 with an initial contribution of $25,000.

2018 - Kyla Peterkin

2014 - Chelsea Miller

2010 - Rashawn Davis

2006 - Akpanoluo Etteh

Students inquiring about this scholarship should contact the Jackie Robinson Foundation:

One Hudson Square
75 Varick Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013-1917

Derek Jeter/Siena College Scholarship

2016 - Ashley Alba

2015 - Samuel Upson

2014 - Elmer Chavez

2013 - Rashonda Jones

United Negro College Fund/Sharlee Jeter Scholarship

Established in 2016, the UNCF (United Negro College Fund)/Sharlee Jeter Scholarship is a partnership between the Turn 2 Foundation, Inc. and UNCF established in 2008, and is awarded each year to a graduate of the Jeter's Leaders program to attend a Historically Black College or University (HBCU). Past UNCF/Sharlee Jeter Scholars have attended prestigious institutions including Spelman College, Howard University and Alabama State University.

"Each year we proudly watch our Jeter's Leaders graduate high school and embark on a new, exciting chapter in their lives, and we are thrilled the UNCF/Sharlee Jeter Scholarship has allowed us to support deserving students in furthering their education," said Sharlee Jeter, president of the Turn 2 Foundation and an alumnus of Spelman College, a historically black college and part of the UNCF network of 37-private HBCUs. "Academic excellence is a cornerstone of our organization, and by permanently endowing our scholarship program we will be able to continue building on the legacy of the Turn 2 Foundation and UNCF well into the future."

"The extreme costs of higher education make a college degree seem unattainable for so many students, but by providing financial support and guidance, we can help their dreams become a reality," said Dr. Michael L. Lomax, UNCF president and CEO. "The Turn 2 Foundation embodies our mission of ensuring that all students have access to a college education, and we are proud to continue our partnership with this organization to create a path toward success for the Jeter's Leaders through permanently endowing our scholarship program."

Initially established as a four-year partnership, The UNCF/Sharlee Jeter Scholarship reflects the commitment of both UNCF and Turn 2 Foundation to fostering academic excellence. In 2012, the partnership was renewed for an additional four years. The endowment will create a vehicle that will impact and fund students in perpetuity.

2020 - Ky'ir Durant

2018 - Morgan Danztler and Kristalyn Billips

2017 - Marc Domingue

2016 - Lauren Thorpe

2015 - Aaron Straker

2014 - Kayla Evans

2009 - Suewayne Burke

2008 - Diandra Davidson

2007 - Jaleesa Diaz

Students inquiring about this scholarship should contact, Vice President, Franli Guzman, via email at [email protected].

Derek Jeter/Kalamazoo Community Foundation Scholarship

Established in 1997, the four-year scholarship is administered by the Kalamazoo Community Foundation in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and provides financial assistance each year to male and female high school graduates demonstrating academic and personal excellence, as well as leadership qualities that promote alcohol and drug-free lifestyles. Scholarship amount is $1,000 a year per student.

Nick Doman (KZJL class of 2020)
Miranda Goodison (KZJL class of 2020)
Natalie Toweson (KZJL Class of 2019)
Cristofer Smith
Victoria Minka
Jackson Henning
Sabrina Graham
David Schrock
Kearsten Karrick
Parker Gibson
Adam Simon
Kim Huynh
Melissa Gould
Joel Henderson
Jay Valikodath

Kassandra Meyer
Abbigail Schreck
Skyler Mills
Paige Maguire
Jeremy Simon
Jessica Jones
Lea Foerster
Bradford Tabor
Breanna Gilland
Austin Thompson
Drew Blakely
Taylor Sayers
Kegan Miller
Kendall Green

Students inquiring about this scholarship should contact the Kalamazoo Community Foundation:

402 #. Michigan Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Phone: 269.381.4416

Derek Jeter/Hillsborough Education Foundation Scholarship

Administered by the Hillsborough Education Foundation, the scholarship is awarded each year to a high school graduate who demonstrates academic excellence, participates in extracurricular activities and is active in community service. The scholarship provides $1,000 per year toward the student's college tuition.

In 2015, Turn 2 launched a new initiative to benefit young people at the Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House. Since 2015, one of two annual Derek Jeter/Hillsborough Education Foundation Scholarships will be awarded to a graduate of the Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House in Tampa, Florida.

The first scholarship was awarded in 2004.

Karen Lamas
Preslie Price
Karina Zaldivar
Summer Smith (Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House)
George Connor
Ornella Dixon
Charles Zhu
Nevena Pehar
Vanity Shields
Terril Gibson
Ellen Moore
David Barrientos
Gregory Alfonso

Katherine Tison
Tori Wilson
Marcelino Mederos Jr.
Cassidy Curls
Marc Berson
Meng Fei Shen
Lauren Cuervo
Sebastian De Almenara
Olivia Clark
Alex Hinderscheid
Cynthia Kurth
Katherine Newcomb
Tamel McCall

Students inquiring about this scholarship should contact the Hillsborough Education Foundation:

2306 N. Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33607