Flex Plans

2023 Flex Plan - Choose Your games. Build your plan. Save up to 26%

2023 Flex Plan Redemption

Click the link below and log in to your account to begin redeeming your vouchers.

Note: There is a limit of eight (8) tickets per game at the Flex Plan rate. Redemption is limited to the total amount of Flex Plan vouchers in your account and to eligible Flex Plan games. You will be required to login to your MLB/Brewers.com email account associated with your Flex Plan purchase in order to redeem them. Redemption access does not guarantee tickets, all tickets are subject to availability.

Redeem all eligible Flex Plan games:
Flex Plan Schedule
Flex Plan Schedule

Purchase 2023 Flex Plans

Your plan should fit your schedule. With the Flex Plan, you get the ultimate flexibility to choose the games you want to see. Use your tickets any way you'd like across 71 different games - two for one game, four for another, etc. The choice is yours! Plus, you'll save up to 26% off the gate rate.

How it Works - 4 Simple Steps

Vouchers are redeemed digitally through your My Brewers Tickets account. Individual games and ticket locations are subject to availability at the time of redemption.

Minimum purchase of two plans (20 vouchers)

Build a Plan Around Your Schedule

With 71 games to choose from, you can tailor a plan perfectly to your schedule. Check out the complete list of available games – and full plan benefits – below. For more information, please review the downloadable 2023 Flex Plan Guide.

Flex Plan Benefits

With the Flex Plan, you can allocate your bank of tickets any way you like across a selection of over 71 games.

Postseason Tickets
Access to ticket presales for Wild Card, Division Series and Championship Series home games.

Ticket Savings
Enjoy savings* over individual game buyers and avoid premium pricing on games within your plan.

*In 2022, Flex Plan Holders saved over 26% off the demand-based ticket price.

Choose From Multiple Seating and Pricing Options

With the Flex Plan, you can choose the seating area in which you purchase your vouchers, and then select your own individual seats once you redeem! See complete seating and pricing details below.

Seating Map
Flex Plan Pricing

Updated ticket terms and conditions and policies are available at brewers.com/ticketback. Our Fan Policies can be found at brewers.com/fanguidelines.