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Brewers Ballpark Pass

Here's How It Works:

  • The Brewers Ballpark Pass includes a Standing Room ticket for all Brewers home games for the initial month purchased. You will be auto-renewed at the end of each month (unless you choose to cancel), which will continue to give you access to a Standing Room ticket for each of the remaining home games of the 2021 regular season.
  • Your subscription will be auto-renewed at the end of each month (unless you choose to cancel).
  • All of your tickets will be delivered digitally via the MLB Ballpark app. If you have not already downloaded the app, click here for instructions.
  • Your mobile barcodes, which are needed to enter American Family Field, will be available five hours prior to each game, located in your ‘Wallet’ after clicking the 'Tickets’ icon in the Ballpark app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Device Information

Q: Which phones are supported?
*A: *The pass is supported by iPhones and Android phones. The MLB Ballpark app must be downloaded for use of the Brewers Ballpark Pass.

Q: Can I use an iPod touch?
A: No, we only support iPhones and Android phones, not iPods.

Q: Why do I need to use an iPhone or Android phone?
A: The Brewers Ballpark Pass is a mobile-only program integrated within the MLB Ballpark app. There are no printed tickets. Admission to American Family Field will be managed exclusively through the app.

Exchanging Passes

Q: Are Ballpark Pass tickets refundable?
A: Sorry, but all Ballpark Pass purchases are non-refundable.

Q: Can I resell the individual tickets in my Ballpark pass?
A: No, game tickets included in the Ballpark Pass cannot be resold, forwarded or transferred. Ballpark Passes with resale activity will be subject to immediate cancelation without refund, and your account will be restricted from future Ballpark Pass purchases.

Q: Can I share my pass with someone else?
A: No, passes cannot be shared. Admission to American Family Field will be managed through the MLB Ballpark app on your personal mobile device.

Q: What if I want to go to games with friends and family?
A: Because the Ballpark Pass is managed exclusively through your personal mobile device, there is a limit of two passes that an individual can purchase. If you plan to attend games with other friends/family, those individuals should purchase their own Ballpark Pass.

Auto-renewal of Passes

Q: How do I renew my Ballpark Pass for the next month?
A: When you purchase the Ballpark Pass, you will be auto-renewed each month. You will be charged $34.99 (plus applicable fees) upon your initial purchase, then receive a recurring charge of $34.99 per month for all remaining months in the 2021 season. Cards will be processed between the 21st and the 31st of each month for the following month's subscription.

Q: How do I opt out of renewing my Ballpark Pass?
A: To cancel your Brewers Ballpark Pass, simply email your cancellation request to [email protected].

Q: What is the timeline for opting out of my Ballpark Pass?
A: You must notify Customer Service of such cancellation request on or before the 20th day of any calendar month in order to cancel your Ballpark Pass effective as of the last day of the same calendar month. Any cancellation request made after the 20th day of a calendar month will result in cancellation of your Ballpark Pass effective as of the last day of the following calendar month.

Entering American Family Field

Q: How do I get into American Family Field with my Brewers Ballpark Pass?
A: Your ticket for each game can be accessed exclusively through the MLB Ballpark app beginning five hours prior to each game. Download the MLB Ballpark app and create (or login to a pre-existing) account using the same email address you used to purchase your Ballpark Pass. This will provide you with a digital barcode that you can use to scan for admission into American Family Field.

Q: Am I eligible to receive promotional giveaways with my Ballpark Pass ticket?
A: Yes! With your digital Standing Room ticket, you are able to enter American Family Field as soon as the gates open and receive a promotional giveaway item at the gate, provided you are eligible based on that giveaway's posted age and quantity restrictions. Like all giveaways, you must present your ticket at the American Family Field gates on the day of game to receive the promotional giveaway. Note that promotional items exclude Theme Night Packages that require a special ticket package purchase.

Q: What should I do if I require ADA seating?
A: Please visit the ticket windows inside the American Family Field concourse near the Home Plate entrance to receive an ADA location, pending availability.

More Information

Digital Ticket Barcode Images

Please note that if you have previously looked at your game ticket before barcodes were available for that day's game, you may need to refresh your wallet inventory, as the barcode area on the digital ticket does not automatically refresh. You can perform a refresh with a simple down-swipe on the wallet screen of the app, for that day's game. After completing the refresh, click on the ticket again to bring up the ticket for entry and the barcode should now be visible, as long as it's within five hours of game time.

Ticket Forwarding

While the general MLB Ballpark app allows fans to forward tickets to other recipients, the Ballpark Pass is not set up to do so; the ticket forwarding function is not available for Ballpark Pass Holders.