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My Brewers Tickets

Access My Brewers Tickets

With My Brewers Tickets, your online ticket manager, you can easily manage your season and single tickets from a secure and convenient location on

What You Can Do With My Brewers Tickets:

Season Ticket Renewals - Pay for invoiced season ticket renewals online.
Forward Tickets - Share your tickets with friends, family, colleagues or whomever you like!
Special Offers - Access ticket offers available to your account.
Manage Inventory - View a list of all your tickets from one online location.
Exchange Tickets - Season Seat Holders can instantly exchange their tickets online.
Sell Extra Tickets on StubHub - You can post tickets for sale online.
To Do List - The "To Do" List is the communication network within your My Brewers Tickets account. It is the first thing you'll see when you login and the first thing you should review.
Account Update - Use the My Account Tab to update your account information including password, e-mail address, phone, credit card information, e-mail confirmation preferences, etc.

Why You Should Use My Brewers Tickets:


The online service is "open" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can manage your tickets when it is convenient for you.


All transactions are performed electronically, which eliminates the time and effort needed to mail or give your tickets to others.


Because this service is team-sanctioned and password protected, all transactions are safe and secure.

Forward a Ticket

Once your tickets are forwarded your original tickets will no longer be valid.  

New! Now you can Recall a previously forwarded ticket! Plans change? Simply click "My History", choose a previous Forward and Recall the ticket(s) to return the tickets to your ticket inventory.

Printing Tickets

You can use your My Brewers Tickets account to print your tickets from home, your office or your mobile smart phone (iPhone and Android devices.)

  1. Log into your My Brewers Tickets account
  2. Click on the My Ticket Inventory tab to navigate to your tickets. Your ticket inventory will be accessible through a month by month or order view.
  3. From the Select an Action drop down, choose print tickets.
  4. Click on the date of the game(s) you would like to print and you will see all available seat inventory listed individually. Select the specific games and/or specific seats and parking (if applicable) you would like to print and click Continue.
  5. Another screen will appear confirming the tickets you wish to print. Click Print Tickets.
  6. Click on View & Print Tickets. A pop up window will appear with your tickets to print! Please ensure your pop up blocker is turned off.

Printing tickets from My Brewers Tickets will NOT void your original barcode. You can use your original ticket OR the print-at-home version. If you have lost your tickets or they were stolen, please contact the Brewers Ticket Office at (414) 902-4000.

Special Offers

The Special Offers tab will list any offers that are currently available in your account.

Sample offers include:

  • Season Seatholder Presales
  • Group Leader Ticket Redemption
  • Survey Ticket Redemption
  • Special discounted offers

My Tickets Inventory Page

The My Tickets Inventory Page is where you will find all of your ticket inventory. From this page, you'll be able to view, manage and track all activity associated with your entire ticket inventory.

How to Use Your Inventory Manager:

  • Click the My Ticket Inventory tab.
  • Choose a Ticket Action. Either Forward Tickets, Sell on StubHub or Print Tickets
  • View the list of all upcoming games for which you currently hold tickets in your Brewers account.
  • Click the arrow to the left of the game information tbo see a list of the seats that you hold for that event.

How to Filter the List of Tickets within Inventory Manager:

You may filter your inventory list to see only certain types of tickets by selecting the following views:

  • By Month
  • By Opponent
  • By Day or Time

My Tickets Season Ticket Exchange

As a Season Seat Holder, you have the ability to INSTANTLY exchange your season tickets online through My Brewers Tickets.

How to Use My Tickets Season Ticket Exchange:

  • Log in to your My Brewers Tickets account with your account or Season Seat Holder account number and password
  • Once logged in, click on your "My Ticket Inventory" tab to access your ticket inventory
  • Under the Ticket Action dropdown menu, choose "Exchange Tickets"
  • Now select the tickets you would like to exchange and you'll be prompted to select the game you desire to exchange into
  • Pick your seats from the interactive seat map, choose a delivery method and check-out!


What is the "To Do" List?

The "To Do" List is the communication network within your My Brewers Tickets account. It is the first thing you'll see when you login and the first thing you should review.

Sample "To Do" Items:

  • Process your season ticket renewal
  • Pay for your invoiced postseason tickets
  • Review detailed How To documents that will help you optimize your My Brewers Tickets account