MLB Play Frequently Asked Questions

New for 2024

What is the difference between a Reward and a Prize?

Virtual Rewards, such as avatars, wallpapers, etc., will be retired for the 2024 season. We will still have Prizes for the 2024 season. Prizes are tangible items to be earned based on activity in MLB Beat the Streak.

What Prizes can I win?

Prizes include (but are not limited to) MLB.TV subscriptions, gift cards, SeatGeek credit to purchase tickets to MLB games, and more. For more information on available Prizes and other restrictions; see:

Who is eligible to win Prizes?

More information regarding Prize eligibility can be found on the official MLB Beat the Streak Rules webpage:

How do I redeem my Prizes?

Instructions for Prize redemption will be sent to the email address associated with your account where the Prize was earned.

Can I win cash?

Yes, users can win the Top Streak Prize ($10,000) or the Grand Prize ($5,600,000) in Beat the Streak. A maximum of only one (1) prize will be awarded in the Beat the Streak Contest as the Top Streak prize will not be awarded if a participant wins the Grand Prize. For more information and other restrictions; see:

Is there a limit to the number of Prizes available and number of Prizes able to be earned?

With the exception of the Top Streak Prize and the Grand Prize, all other Prizes are subject to availability. A participant may not earn Prizes which exceed a total value of $599 (which is separate and apart from a participant’s ability to win the Top Streak Prize or the Grand Prize).

Can I trade my Prizes in for different ones, or with other users?

No, users are only eligible to earn their own Prizes, which are determined based on streaks earned and actual prize item determined by MLB at its sole discretion.

How do I earn Prizes in Beat the Streak?

Prizes are awarded to users for completing certain achievements (like earning a steak of 5, 10 and so on). For a complete list of Prizes and how to earn them, see the MLB Beat the Streak Prizes page.

MLB Play

What is MLB Play?

MLB Play is our destination for all free-to-play predictive and trivia games for MLB. You can play all of our great games for FREE using your account. MLB Play is accessible on and the MLB app on iOS or Android.

How much does it cost to play a game in MLB Play?

Nothing! All of our games are free to play. And there are no in-app purchases or microtransactions. All you need is a free account.

Beat the Streak Presented by BetMGM

What is Beat the Streak?

Beat the Streak is a free-to-play contest where fans predict an MLB player to get a hit. If fans build a streak of 57 correct picks (beating baseball’s famous 56-game hitting streak), they could win $5.6 Million. You must be 21 or older to participate in Beat the Streak. See Beat the Streak’s Official Rules here.

What is the deadline to submit my Beat the Streak batter pick?

Picks must be in five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the MLB game in which the pick is scheduled to appear. For example, if an MLB game is scheduled for 1:05 p.m. ET on 5/1/2024, picks for any of the players in that game must be in by 1:00 p.m. ET on 5/1/2024. Once the deadline passes, we consider your picks “locked” in.

If I pick two batters for the same day using Double Down, but only one batter gets a hit, what happens?

It depends on the outcome of your other pick. See the “Double Down Feature” section of Beat the Streak’s Official Rules for the possible outcomes.

I picked two batters in a Double Down and only one has started his game; can I change the other?

No, you cannot change your Double Down after the earlier of the picks has locked. See the Official Rules for more detail.

What does “Pass” mean?

Beat the Streak allows you to keep your Streak at its then-current level (rather than break and revert to zero) under certain limited conditions that we call a Pass. One example is if the batter you picked never entered the game. See the “Scoring” section of the Official Rules for details on all Pass scenarios.

What is the “% chance to hit” feature about?

We provide hit probability estimates from our unique prediction model. These numbers aren’t guarantees, of course. Use your own judgment to make your best prediction!

What is a Streak Saver and how do I get one?

Streak Saver is a special, one-time way for your Streak to continue when it would have otherwise ended. When your Streak is at least 10 and no more than 15, if your pick fails to hit (or Pass), Streak Saver will “save” your Streak and keep it at its then current number. Streak Saver is automatically available for all fans. No action required! But Streak Saver will only make such a save once during the entire season. After Streak Saver saves your Streak, it is no longer available and will not save your future Streaks. See the Official Rules for more detail.

Why can’t I see picks that my friends have made?

Picks made by your friends are not visible to you until your own picks lock.

What do the different leaderboards for Beat the Streak show?

We’ve added more ways to see how you stack up against friends and other fans. Choose Friends then Current Streak, All Season, and All Time to see your place against your friends for active Streaks, best Streak this year, and if you or any of your friends are in the Top 100 Streaks of all time. Choose All and then one of those tabs to see the same views, but against every fan in Beat the Streak.

MLB Pickle

What is Pickle?

Pickle is a free-to-play game where fans guess a mystery MLB player. Fans may guess up to nine times before the game is over, and a new game with a different player is available every day.

What clues are available to help me guess the mystery player?

When you make a guess, the following categories will display: team, league/division, handedness, country of origin, age, and position.

  • Yellow in the league/division column indicates that the player plays in either the revealed league or division.
  • Yellow in the age column indicates 2 years within the player's actual age.
  • Yellow in the position column indicates the player can play this position, but it's not his primary position.
  • Green in any column indicates a match!

Players that you search for after your first guess will show yellow or green if they match any of the categories that you’ve already revealed.

By the Numbers

What is By the Numbers?

By the Numbers is a free-to-play game where fans guess whether a revealed MLB player’s stat is higher or lower than a different, known player’s stat. For example, a given day’s category might be home runs: fans can guess whether each revealed player has more or less home runs than the known player. The game lasts until a fan accumulates three incorrect guesses, in which case – you’re out!

How much time do I have to submit my guess?

Once a game of By the Numbers begins, fans will have 10 seconds to guess whether their player has a higher or lower stat than the known player. As the game goes on, though, the timer gets shorter, so guesses will have to be submitted quicker and quicker the more successful a fan is.

How often can I play By the Numbers?

Fans can play By the Numbers once per day. The mystery stat resets daily, so come back each day for a chance to play!


What is Bingo?

Bingo brings the classic game to the big leagues! Each day you’ll get a random board filled with things that could happen on the field - it’s your job to follow along live as you watch your tiles activate when the action takes place. When you see potential Bingo on the board, make sure to claim and secure it!

What Bingos can I win?

There are three ‘levels’ of Bingo for you to win against other fans: single Bingo is any straight line of five horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; diamond Bingo is a Bingo in the shape of a baseball diamond; and blackout Bingo is when your ENTIRE board is active.

How do I claim Bingo?

When you’ve got an active Bingo, there will be a button available for you to Claim Bingo! Be fast as you’re competing with others to either be a winner or a runner-up.

I missed the start of the game - can I still play?

Yes! You’re able to join a game so long as the MLB game is still live. We’ll give you a randomly generated Bingo board to join in on the fun.

I don't like the board I was given - can I pick my tiles?

So long as you join Bingo before the start of the game, you’re able to Lock & Swap your tiles a limited number of times.