MLB Play Frequently Asked Questions

MLB Play

What is MLB Play?

MLB Play is our new destination for all free-to-play predictive games for MLB. You can play all of our great games, including Beat the Streak and Quick Pick, for FREE using your account. MLB Play is accessible on and for download via the App Store and Google Play.

What is XP for? How do I earn it?

XP stands for “experience points”, which are earned by playing games in MLB Play. You earn XP every time you play a game, no matter how well you did. Earn enough XP and you’ll automatically be rewarded with virtual trophies. You’ll be able to see all of your trophies in your Profile.

What are Tokens for? How do I earn it?

Tokens are given when you do well in an MLB Play game. Increase your streak in Beat the Streak or get a prediction right in Quick Pick, and you’ll earn some tokens! Earn enough Tokens and you’ll automatically earn a reward pack with virtual collectibles to customize your MLB Play Profile.

What virtual rewards can I get with Tokens?

Tokens unlock virtual reward packs that contain some of the hundreds of avatars and wallpapers we’ve created to help you express your unique baseball fan identity. Look out for Rare, Epic, and even Legendary rewards! These special items are found less frequently in virtual reward packs than Common items.

I picked the wrong Favorite Team! Can I change my starting avatar and wallpaper?

Fear not! Change your Favorite Team in the Settings menu or on and we’ll add the starting avatar and wallpaper of your new Favorite Team to your inventory.

Why do I have multiple versions of the same virtual reward?

Virtual rewards are meant to be collectibles, so we allow you to hold as many as are revealed in your reward pack.

What does the Lock icon on MLB Play game cards mean?

MLB Play game cards show as “locked” when the deadline to submit MLB Play predictions has passed. You can still visit these locked MLB Play game cards to see your prediction results or even make picks for the future (depending on the game).

How do I add a friend?

The easiest way to add a friend is to create a unique link with our “Invite Friends” feature in the Profile. Send an invite to any friend and they’ll automatically add you (and vice versa) when they click on the invite link. Alternatively, go to your Profile page, click on the gear icon to enter Settings, then click “Your Friend Code” to share your six-character code with others or enter another fan’s code to add them yourself.

How much does it cost to play a game in MLB Play?

Nothing! All of our games are free to play. And there are no in-app purchases or microtransactions. All you need is a free account.

Beat the Streak

What is Beat the Streak?

Beat the Streak is a free-to-play contest where fans predict an MLB player to get a hit. If fans build a streak of 57 correct picks (beating baseball’s famous 56-game hitting streak), they could win $5.6 Million. See Beat the Streak’s Official Rules here.

What is the deadline to submit my Beat the Streak batter pick?

Picks must be in five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the MLB game in which the pick is scheduled to appear. For example, if an MLB game is scheduled for 1:05 pm ET on 5/1/2022, picks for any of the players in that game must be in by 1:00pm ET on 5/1/2022. Once the deadline passes, we consider your picks “locked” in.

If I pick two batters for the same day using Double Down, but only one batter gets a hit, what happens?

If one of your picks gets a hit, what happens depends on the outcome of the second pick. If your second pick also gets a hit, your Streak increases by 2. If your second pick gets a Pass, then your Streak increases by 1. If the second pick fails to hit or Pass, your Streak ends and reverts to zero.

I picked two batters in a Double Down and only one has started his game; can I change the other?

No, you cannot change your Double Down after the earlier of the picks has locked. See the Official Rules for more detail.

What does “Pass” mean?

Beat the Streak allows you to keep your Streak at its then-current level (rather than break and revert to zero) under certain limited conditions that we call a Pass. One example is if the batter you picked never entered the game. See the Official Rules for details on all Pass scenarios.

What is the “% chance to hit” feature about?

This year, we are providing hit probability estimates from our unique prediction model. These numbers aren’t guarantees, of course. Use your own judgment to make your best prediction!

What does “Pick and Watch” mean?

We want Beat the Streak to be part of your greater Baseball fan experience so we’ve added a new filter for you to find batters who are playing on games broadcast nationally or games that are free on streaming services. (Look out for MLB.TV Free Game of the Day!) Pick a batter here and watch them on your preferred device later.

What is a Streak Saver and how do I get one?

NEW in 2022, Streak Saver is automatically available for all fans. No action required! Streak Saver is a special, one-time way for your Streak to continue when it would have otherwise ended. When your Streak is at least 10 and no more than 15, if your pick fails to hit (or Pass), Streak Saver will “save” your Streak and keep it at its then current number. But Streak Saver will only make such a save once during the entire season. After Streak Saver saves your Streak, it is no longer available and will not save your future Streaks. See the Official Rules for more detail.

Why can’t I see picks that my friends have made?

Picks made by your friends are not visible to you until your own picks lock.

What do the different leaderboards for Beat the Streak show?

We’ve added more ways to see how you stack up against friends and other fans. Choose Friends then Current Streak, All Season, and All Time to see your place against your friends for active Streaks, best Streak this year, and if you or any of your friends are in the Top 100 Streaks of all time. Choose All and then one of those tabs to see the same views, but against every fan in Beat the Streak.

Quick Pick

What is Quick Pick?

Quick Pick is an MLB Play predictive game where fans make predictions on the biggest matchups, stars, and storylines featuring each day. Play Quick Pick to earn XP and Tokens for collectible virtual rewards.

How do I play Quick Pick?

We’ll ask you 7 questions about the biggest storylines, matchups, or stars playing that day. Make the right predictions as you answer our questions and try to get them all right! Be sure to press “Submit My Picks” on the final screen. You’ll know that we got your answers when you see the screen that says “Your Picks Are In!” You can change any of your picks up until the lock time for the day’s questions.

When will I know my score?

We aim to score every question by the end of the day’s action, but you should always have your results by the next morning. If you’ve got push notifications turned on in MLB Play, we’ll let you know immediately after your score is ready.

What happens if I get all 7 correct?

We plan on rewarding our best Quick Pickers with the best. Look out for a unique Badge and a special virtual reward pack for completing a Perfect Game in a future MLB Play update coming soon. Until then, compete in the leaderboards to prove you’re the best baseball mind in MLB Play. We’ll be watching, too 👀.

Today’s Quick Pick contest is locked, but when I press “See My Picks” nothing happens?

Please exit and re-enter Quick Pick to see your picks.