American Family Field Behind Home Plate

American Family Field Fan Guidelines

The Milwaukee Brewers are committed to being a world-class organization that creates joy, instills pride, and builds connections throughout our community. We are a civic asset, an entertainment destination, and a social institution that unites generations and transcends boundary lines as we relentlessly pursue excellence, on and off the field.

We are driven, enduring, fun, genuine, and loyal. But, above all else, we cherish our fans. This is the North Star of the organization - the reference point that guides every decision we make. When in doubt, when facing a dilemma or crossroad, we always fulfill our first and most important commitment - to cherish our fans and continually do what is best for them.

This A-Z Guide is designed to assist our fans by presenting information about Milwaukee Brewers/American Family Field offerings and accommodations for the 2022 season. The information is presented in alphabetical order for your ease of use. Enjoy the season!

Contact Information


Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
American Family Field
One Brewers Way
Milwaukee, WI 53214-3652


Administration: (414) 902-4400
Individual Game Ticket Sales: (414) 902-4000 or 1-800-933-7890
Season Ticket Sales: (414) 902-4487
Season Ticket Client Services: (414) 902-4100
Group Sales: (414) 902-GRPS (4777)
Suite Rentals: (414) 902-4029
Guest Relations/Lost & Found: (414) 902-4900

The Milwaukee Brewers reserve the right to change these rules and policies at any time.