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Helfaer Field

Located at the site of the old Milwaukee County Stadium playing field, Helfaer Field is a real-life "Field of Dreams." You will feel the thrill of playing in the Majors every time you step on the diamond at this premier facility, complete with a big-league scoreboard, sound system and lit playing field. Perfect for softball, youth baseball, kickball, tailgates, meetings and much more, Helfaer Field was created for the big leaguer in all of us.

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Reservations/Inquiries: (414) 902-4332
Fax: (414) 902-4049
Field Status Hotline: (414) 902-4004

Field Information

The Pavilions
  • Located down the left-field and right-field lines of Helfaer Field.
  • Covered seating for approximately 50 guests.
  • Catered meals are available from Sportservice.
  • Adjacent to men's and women's restroom facilities.
The Field
  • Outfield fence 200 feet from home plate. Six feet high.
  • Basepaths 60 feet. Youth baseball and softball standards.
  • Pitching rubber located at 46 feet for youth baseball. One may be added between 40-45 feet upon request.
  • Natural grass featuring irrigation and sub-drainage systems similar to Miller Park.
The Features
  • Field, dugout and restrooms are handicap accessible.
  • Seating: 502 bleacher seats plus 220 additional concourse seats.
  • Scorer's table and announcing area complete with sound system.
  • Concession stand snacks, hot dogs, candy and beverages. Catered meals available.


How do I get information on cancelled games due to weather or poor field conditions?
You may call the Helfaer Field Hotline for up-to-date information on any rain cancellations at 414-902-4004.

Can we bring our own food into Helfaer Field?
Carry-in items are strictly prohibited at Helfaer Field. For your convenience, we offer a concession stand with items for purchase, unless the main contact has declined having the concession stand open. If you want to have a catered event, you must contact Sportservice.

May we tailgate at Helfaer Field?
Definitely! Tailgating is permitted in the Cooper Parking lot prior to, or after your event.

Are grills provided?
You will need to bring your own grills as there are no grills on the Miller Park grounds.

Is there a parking fee to park at Helfaer Field?
There is not a parking fee for most events when the Brewers do not have a home game. When the Brewers are home, the parking lots typically open three (3) hours prior to the Brewers game. If your vehicle is in the parking lot at this time, you will need to purchase a parking pass. Additional Parking Information »

Is there an admission fee to watch a game at Helfaer Field?
There is not an admission fee for any event that is open to the public.

What are the dimensions at Helfaer Field?
Outfield wall: 200 feet
Base paths: 60 feet (youth and women's softball standards)
Pitching rubber: 46 feet (youth)
Note: A movable pitching rubber may be added at the main contact's request (within 40-46 feet).

Do you need reservations to use one of the Helfaer Field pavilions?
Pavilions are based on first-come, first-served reservations. A pavilion fee is required if you would like to reserve the pavilions for your event. To reserve a pavilion, please call us at 414-902-4332 or email us at

What are "Sundays at Helfaer?"
Beginning May 1, fans are invited to visit and play catch in the outfield free of charge. Sundays at Helfaer are prior to every Sunday home game between 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. The event is subject to change due to prior events and weather conditions.