Front Office Directory

Last Updated: May 10, 2022


Mark Attanasio


Robert Beyer
Eric Siegel
John Canning, Jr.
David Lubar
Marc Stern
Jean-Marc Chapus
Richard Ressler
Harris Turer
David Uihlein


President - Business Operations Rick Schlesinger
President - Baseball Operations David Stearns
Senior Vice President and General Manager Matt Arnold
Senior Vice President - Communications and Affiliate Operations Tyler Barnes
Senior Vice President - Stadium Operations Steve Ethier
Chief Financial Officer Daniel Fumai
Chief Revenue Officer Jason Hartlund
General Counsel and Senior Vice President - Administration Marti Wronski
Executive Assistant - Ownership Group Samantha Ernest
Executive Assistant to President - Baseball Operations and General Manager Nichole Kinateder
Executive Assistant - Paralegal Kate Rock
Executive Assistant - Revenue Lisa Brzeski
Executive Assistant Adela Reeve
Executive Assistant Kate Stempski


Special Assistant - President, Baseball Operations Doug Melvin
Senior Vice President - Player Personnel Karl Mueller
Vice President - Baseball Projects Gord Ash
Vice President - Minor League Operations Tom Flanagan
Vice President - Domestic Scouting Tod Johnson
Vice President - Baseball Operations Matt Kleine
Vice President and Special Assistant to the GM/Baseball Operations Eduardo Brizuela
Special Assistant to the GM and President of Baseball Operations Matt Klentak
Vice President - Baseball Product and Strategy Will Hudgins
Vice President - Baseball Research and Innovation Dan Turkenkopf
Special Assistant to the General Manager/Player Development Carlos Villanueva
Special Assignment Scout Scott Campbell
Special Assistant - Baseball Operations/Player Development Quinton McCracken
Special Assistant - Baseball Research and Development Nick Davis
Senior Manager - Technology Operations Matt Kerls
Senior Manager - Data Engineering Matt Culhane
Assistant Director - Domestic Scouting Tim McIlvaine
Manager - Advance Scouting Brian Powalish
Manager - Application Development Andy Acosta Gomez
Manager - Baseball Operations Eric Babitz
Manager - International Scouting and Player Personnel James Armstrong
Senior Engineer Analyst - Baseball Operations Andrew Fox
Senior Analyst - Baseball Research and Development Ethan Bein
Senior Data Quality Engineer Josh Schaffer
Senior Analyst - Domestic Scouting Andrew Koo
Senior Developer - Baseball DJ Michalski
Senior Coordinator - Player Personnel Zack Sorensen
Analyst - Baseball Research and Development Dan Kutner
Analyst - Baseball Research and Development Everett Johnson
Data Architect Phil Hauser
Developer - Baseball Systems Dan Yang
Developer - Baseball Systems Scott Molling
Data Engineer Charles Clark
Data Engineer Harrison Jacobs
Associate Data Engineer Samuel Neal
Assistant - Major League Video and Spanish Translator Carlos Brizuela
Coordinator - Player Development/Information Ben Harris
Coordinator - Baseball Operations Kevin Ottsen
Coordinator - Major League Video and Technology August Sandri
Coordinator - Technology Operations Ronnie Bedrosian
Coordinator - Data Quality Assurance Technology Operations Matt Ducondi
Coordinator - Scouting Operations Matt Roffe
Assistant - Baseball Operations Michael Silber
Coordinator - Scouting Oscar Garcia


Senior Director - Team Travel and Clubhouse Operations Dan Larrea
Director - Clubhouse Operations Tony Migliaccio
Equipment Manager - Major and Minor Leagues Jason Shawger
Manager - Visiting Clubhouse Phil Rozewicz
Manager - Team Travel and Clubhouse Operations Joseph Swanhart
Manager - Clubhouse Operations and Equipment Ben Wilkes


Vice President - Medical Operations, Health and Safety Roger Caplinger
Head Team Physician Dr. William Raasch
Team Physician Dr. Mark Niedfeldt
Team Physician Dr. Craig Young
Director - Player Health Blair Bundy
Director - Psychological Services Matt Krug, Ph.D.
Assistant Director - Psychological Services Blake Pindyck
Assistant Director - Player Health Frank Neville
Major League Head Athletic Trainer Scott Barringer
Assistant Athletic Trainer Dave Yeager
Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist Theresa Lau
Strength and Conditioning Specialist Josh Seligman
Minor League Physical Therapist Ryan Adkins
Rehabilitation Strength and Conditioning Specialist Jason Meredith
Coordinator - Minor League Medical Nick Jensen
Coordinator - Psychological Services Alex Raske
Consulting Orthopedic Physician - Phoenix Dr. Evan Lederman
Consulting Team Physician - Phoenix Dr. Carlton Richie


Vice President - Player Development Jake McKinley
Director - Pitching Development Cameron Castro
Director - Strength and Conditioning Isaac Salazar
Director - Integrative Sports Performance Daniel Greenwood
Major League Assistant Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Performance Strategist Jason Meredith
Assistant Director - Player Development/Information August Fagerstrom
Coordinator - Baseball Diversity Initiatives Junior Spivey
Senior Analyst - Performance Science Eric Crispell
Senior Analyst - Performance Science Megan Stewart
Senior Manager - Baseball Administration Mark Mueller
Field Coordinator and Catching Instructor Charlie Greene
Infield Coordinator Bob Miscik
American Family Fields of Phoenix Clubhouse Manager Travis Voss
Assistant Minor League Clubhouse Manager Adam Gutierrez
Affiliate Clubhouse Manager Joey Hickey
Coordinator - Latin America Operations Manuel Vargas
Education Coordinator Adela Marquez


Special Assistant - Scouting Bryan Gale
Special Assistant - Scouting Mike Berger
Assistant Director - International Scouting Luis Pérez
Assistant Director - Scouting/International Player Development Taylor Green

Professional Scouts

Lary Aaron
Bryan Bullington

Amateur Scouts

National Supervisor - Scouting Doug Reynolds
Supervisor - Scout Teams/West Coast Special Assignment Scout Corey Rodriguez
Regional Supervisor Dan Nellum
Regional Supervisor - Scouting Drew Anderson
Regional Supervisor Mike Serbalik
Regional Supervisor - Scouting Wynn Pelzer
Area Scout Mike Burns
Area Scout Pete Orr
Area Scout James Fisher
Area Scout Taylor Frederick
Area Scout Joe Graham
Area Scout Lazaro Llanes
Area Scout Mark Muzzi
Area Scout Scott Nichols
Area Scout Jeff Simpson
Area Scout Craig Smajstrla
Area Scout Riley Bandelow
Area Scout Steve Smith
Area Scout Shawn Whalen
Area Scout Adam Hayes
Area Scout Ginger Poulson
Area Scout Steve Ditrolio
Area Scout Daniel Cho

International Scouts

Supervisor - Venezuela Jose Rodriguez
Regional Cross Checker Esteban Castillo
Latin America Cross Checker Fernando Veracierto
Regional Cross Checker - Dominican Republic Rodolfo Rosario
Supervisor - Dominican Republic Gary Peralta
Scout - Latin America Trino Aguilar Navarro
Scout - Latin America Jose Barraza
Scout - Latin America Teofilo Gutierrez
Scout - Latin America Julio De La Cruz
Scout - Latin America Jose Morales
Scout - Latin America Jonas Lantigua
Scout - Latin America Salvador Ayestas
Scout - Latin America Javier Meza
Scout - Latin America Kevin Ramos
Scout - Latin America Mario Mendoza
Latin America Video Scout Jean Carlos Reynoso
Latin America Video Scout Diego Flores
Latin America Video Scout Kenji Galavis
Latin America Video Scout Luis Eduardo Rosario


Vice President - Partnership Sales & Development Andrew Pauls
Vice President - Partnership Activation & Strategy Kevin Babusiak
Director - Partnership Sales Joe Robinson
Director - Partnership Management Kelly Guttenberg
Senior Manager - Partnership Activation Mary DeLaat
Senior Graphic Designer - Partnership Sales Christina Peters
Manager - Partnership Activation David Barnes
Manager - Partnership Activation Matt Ward
Manager - Partnership Activation Vanessa Padrones
Coordinator - Partnership Activation & Events Alex Johnson


Vice President - Community Relations Katina Shaw
Manager - Youth Outreach Larry Hisle


Director - Broadcasting and Publications Ken Spindler
Radio Announcer Bob Uecker
TV and Radio Announcer Jeff Levering
Radio Announcer Lane Grindle
Radio Announcer Josh Maurer
Broadcast and Digital Features Content Director Sophia Minnaert
TV Announcer Brian Anderson
TV Announcer Bill Schroeder
TV Analyst Tim Dillard


Vice President - Finance and Accounting Jamie Norton
Director - Accounting Vicki Wise
Director - Disbursements Erica Umbach
Manager - Risk Management Darius Anderson
Senior Payroll Administrator Corrine Wolff
Senior Financial Analyst Cory Loppnow
Senior Financial Analyst Mike Anheuser
Senior Financial Analyst Kristin Hahn
Financial Analyst Pat Fennell
Senior Accounts Payable Specialist Taikana Bentley
Workday Systems Analyst Tara Ali
Payroll & Accounts Payable Specialist Ryan Barnard
Treasury Accountant Jake Lindmair
Consultant Bob Quinn


Senior Director - Premium Sales & Special Events Maxx Rodriguez
Director - Premium Chris Rothwell
Senior Manager - Premium Hospitality & Events Jacque Lefeber Gonyer
Manager - Premium Sales Josh Stoller
Manager - Premium Service Kaylea Ott
Senior Coordinator - Premium Service & Events Anna Manteufel


Vice President - Human Resources Cas Castro
Senior Director - Human Resources, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Brenda Best
Manager - Employee Benefits & HRIS Heather Schreiner
Human Resources Business Partner Kristin Rutter
Human Resources Business Partner Kelly Rosenquist
Human Resources Business Partner Genevieve Hayes
Human Resources Assistant Amanda Sotiros


Vice President - Information Technology Derek Hyde
Senior Director - Information Technology Corey Kmichik
Director - Information Security Adam Bauer
Senior Manager - IT Operations Nicole Gieryn
Senior Manager - POS Systems Jon Haldemann
Senior Manager - Broadcast & Audio/Video Systems Mark Roberts
Data Engineer - Business Systems David Dahlquist
Senior Systems Engineer Ben Harned
Manager - Help Desk Operations John Strohbusch
Salesforce Developer Zach Saunders
Full Stack Developer Nate Mayer
Senior IT Support Analyst Luis Valenzuela
POS Systems Analyst Brad LaVen
Broadcast & Audio/Video Systems Technician Brett Hoyt
Analyst - IT Operations Matt Schuster


Associate General Counsel Kellen Kasper
Senior Legal Associate Meghan Pirics


Vice President - Marketing Sharon McNally
Art Director Jeff Harding
Director - Digital Marketing Becky Imig
Director - Video Production Matt Gompper
Productions Manager Caitlin Walter
Manager - Content Marketing Ezra Siegel
Manager - Social Media Bradly Ford
Manager - Multicultural Marketing Krystal Hardy
Manager - Motion Graphics Steven Armendariz
Videographer Collin Schroeder
Graphic Designer Alex Pera
Editor Cody Oasen
Editor Lucas Seidel
Social Video Editor Bryce Vanlaanen
Senior Coordinator - Marketing Gina Moretti
Senior Coordinator - Digital Marketing Brandon Weinberg
Social Media Specialist Sydney Gille
Marketing Administrator Brittany Luznicky


Senior Business Intelligence Analyst Danny Henken
Analyst - Strategy & Analytics Evan Alvarez


Senior Director - Media Relations Mike Vassallo
Senior Director - Business Communications Leslie Stachowiak
Senior Coordinator - Media Relations Andrew Gruman


Vice President - Facilities and Projects Mike Brockman
Senior Director - Event Services Matt Lehmann
Senior Director - Security Randy Olewinski
Director - Grounds Ryan Woodley
Senior Manager - Event Services Scott Quade
Senior Manager - Security Dennis Angle
Manager - Warehouse John Weyer
Manager - Guest Experience Sarah Olewinski
Manager - Grounds Grant Roth
Manager - Fields Tyler Tschetter
Senior Lead - Fields Josiah Spindler
Lead - Fields Trace Blomberg
Lead - Fields Corey Lake
Lead - Game and Event Taitum Priewe
Coordinator - Event Service Connor Ault
Coordinator - Game Day Staff and Tours Michelle Bubon
Coordinator - Helfaer Field & Screener Staffing Griffin Allen
Warehouse Assistant Bryan Scherr
Mailroom Assistant Matt Halfenger
Receptionist Jody McBee
Receptionist Jean Broekhuizen


Vice President - Consumer Experience Tom Hecht
Executive Producer - Entertainment & Event Production Taylor Goldman
Senior Director - Merchandising and Retail Operations Shaun Marefka
Director - Audio/Video Production Deron Anderson
Director - Retail Sales and Operation Rachel Selchert
Director - Merchandise Nikki Collier
Senior Manager - Inventory Matt Bischoff
Manager - Entertainment & Event Production Hannah Creighton
Manager - Retail Operations Max Elias
Assistant Store Manager Gregory Iverson
Assistant Store Manager Emily Barutzke
Assistant Store Manager Nick Balko
Assistant Store Manager Frida Barrientos
Senior Coordinator - Entertainment Amanda Beierle
Coordinator - Entertainment Zak Nye


Vice President - Ticket Sales Jim Bathey
Senior Director - Ticket Sales Billy Friess
Senior Director - Ticket Services and Technology Jessica Brown
Director - Group Ticket Sales Chris Kimball
Senior Manager - Ticket Services Christine Verbos
Senior Manager - Ticket Operations Eric Laue
Senior Manager - Inside Sales Dan Winkelman
Manager - Ticket Operations Jerod Schultz
Manager - Season and Group Events Nicolette Finocchiaro
Manager - Group Sales Jake Mentch
Manager - Ticket Partnerships Steve Rosenthal
Manager - Ticket Services & Sales Ryan Cameron
Senior Account Executive - Client Services Jason Fry
Senior Account Executive - Client Services Nate Hardwick
Senior Account Executive - Client Services Jeff Hibicke
Senior Account Executive - Client Services Kara Kabitzke
Senior Account Executive - Client Services Jason Massopust
Senior Account Executive - Ticket Sales Bill Junker
Senior Account Executive - New Business Development Zack Nauert
Account Executive - Group Sales Ryan Blaire
Account Executive - Group Sales Teddy Sibilsky
Account Executive - Client Services April Trewyn
Account Executive - Client Services Christian Niewinski
Account Executive - Ticket Sales Emily Gutzmann
Account Executive - Ticket Sales Kelli Pickrel
Coordinator - Ticket Operations Marissa Milano
Coordinator - Ticket Operations John Schmid
Coordinator - Ticket Services Samantha Ruekert
Sales Representative - Ticket Sales Adam Anderson
Sales Representative - Ticket Sales Tim La Rue
Sales Representative - Ticket Sales Kobe Vines
Sales Representative - Ticket Sales Ben Wilkins
Sales Representative - Ticket Sales Adrien Hall
Sales Representative - Ticket Sales Katrina Longmire
Ticket Office Supervisor Tom Librizzi
Ticket Operations Specialist Matt Zanton
Ticket Operations Specialist Russell Sottile
Ticket Services Specialist Brayden Elliott


Vice President - Affiliate Business Operations Andrew Daugherty
Director - Maryvale Grounds Matt Ramirez
Director - Maryvale Facility Operations/Maintenance Dan Dunlap
Director - Maryvale Security William Redmon
Maryvale Site Director - Community Affairs Thad McGrew
Manager - Spring Training Business Operations Brianna Tavilla
Fields Manager Nicholas Baker
Assistant Fields Manager John Mardesich


Executive Director - Brewers Community Foundation Cecelia Gore
Manager - Brewers Community Foundation Carrie Strueder
Executive Assistant - Brewers Community Foundation Roxanne Bickler