Student Special

presented by UW Credit Union
$9 Student Special presented by UW Credit Union: All Mon-Fri Games


Attention all high school and college students

Turn your school nights into highlights with $9 tickets to all Monday-Friday Brewers home games. On top of your seats, you’ll find great deals on ballpark eats with our all-new 414 Value Menu. Sign up now and start reserving your seats!

Ticket locations will vary by game, blackout dates may apply.


Access to Mon-Fri 2023 home games at a discounted $9 rate. Attend UNLIMITED Mon-Fri games each month. Choose where you want to sit. Book additional seats for guests.


Step 1 - Sign up for complimentary Student Pass to unlock ticket discounts on all Monday-Friday games. Step 2 - Select the game you want to see and find available seats. Reserve and pay the discounted student rate, up to 3 reservations at once. Step 3 - Reserve seats with other subscribers or add on up to 4 guest passes per game. Access your seats digitally via the MLB Ballpark app.