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Nine times a member of the Red Sox has been too charming for words this season

In case you haven't heard, the Red Sox have been historically awesome in 2018. More importantly, though, they've had a whole lot of fun while they're at it -- smiling, dancing and dugout drumming their way into our hearts. 

So, before they go toe-to-toe with the Indians at 7:10 ET in MLB.TV's Free Game of the Day, let's take a look back at all the times Boston has been just impossibly charming this year.

The time Mookie Betts took over for the broadcast crew

Betts was giving a Spring Training interview from right field when Kris Bryant smoked a line drive over his head. Mookie took a couple steps back, and then decided that honesty was the best policy:

The time Mookie Betts was the most fashionable man in baseball

It seems unfair that Betts can be one of the best players in baseball, an awesome bowler and look this good in a suit, but what can we say:


The time Jackie Bradley Jr. got some adorable help from his daughter

Because we all need a little pep talk now and then:

The time they got super into Fortnite

The video game Fortnite took the world by storm this year, and the Red Sox were no exception -- just ask Xander Bogaerts:


Honestly, it's not half bad:

The time Brock Holt found some new walk-up music

Holt has always had a musical soul, and really, what could better prepare you for an at-bat than some Whitney Houston?

The time the team held an impromptu pregame concert in the dugout

Of course, Holt isn't the only musician in that clubhouse (there was even what appears to be a conga drum, somehow?):

The time that Hanley Ramirez did, well, anything

Sure, Han-Ram and the Red Sox parted ways back in May, but the first baseman managed to pack a year's worth of shenanigans into those two months. Like this, for example:


Or this:


The time they embraced road trip fashion

Lots of teams come up with themed outfits when they hit the road, but not every team commits hard enough to become soccer referees:

The time Craig Kimbrel said hi to an old friend

Once upon a time, Kimbrel and Jonny Venters formed one of baseball's most terrifying bullpen duos with the Braves. So, when Venters finally made his return to the big leagues after years of injury problems, Boston's closer made sure to peek his head into the Rays' bullpen to say congrats: