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A Braves fan got a tattoo of Ronald Acuña Jr.'s face after his NLDS grand slam

Though the Braves lost to the Dodgers in the NLDS, their Game 3 win provided one of the most exciting moments of the postseason when rookie sensation Ronald Acuna Jr. gave the team a 5-0 lead with his second-inning grand slam. 
At the time, one Braves fan decided to make the stakes of Acuña's bases-loaded at-bat just a little bit higher by promising to get a tattoo if he hit a grand slam:  

On Thursday morning, Caitlin made good on her promise and got Acuña's likeness and signature permanently imprinted on her forearm:

Based on the start to the 20 year-old's career, this is a tattoo that should age exceptionally well.