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A Dodgers fan and a Cubs fan got engaged at NLCS Game 3, proving that love is the true winner

The Cubs and Dodgers are engaged in a fierce National League Championship Series, with the eventual winner advancing to face either the Indians or Blue Jays in the World Series.

Before Game 3 on Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium, however, one couple proved definitively that love wins.

It triumphs despite all the tension and pressure of October baseball -- even when he's a Cubs fan from Chicago (wearing a Ryne Sandberg jersey, no less) and she's a Dodgers fan from Los Angeles.


Meet Michael and Alyssa. Prior to first pitch, Michael got down on one knee and asked Alyssa, his girlfriend of six years (this week), to be his wife.

For some back story, Michael is a lifelong Cubs fan from Chicago and Alyssa is a lifelong Dodgers fan from Southern California. They met six years ago in Los Angeles, so ... well, you don't need any more explanation as to why this particular setting was the right place at the right time for Michael to make his move. 

Of course, the stakes couldn't be any higher for this particular Cubs-Dodgers matchup. This isn't a regular-season game in May, after all. So, with that context, what happens if the Cubs win the series?

Said Michael, confidently: 

"Well, for me there's no 'if,' the Cubs are going to win the series. I'm kind of glad [the Dodgers] tied it up to make it more interesting tonight."

Alyssa, meanwhile:

"I always want the Dodgers to win, but it's been years since the Cubs have won, so if they win I'm kind of OK with that, too."

Michael then pointed out, "That's why she's perfect." 

We've seen some ... eventful ballpark proposals this season and over the years in general, but no matter which side of the aisle you're on, you have to hand it to Michael and Alyssa for a pretty perfect story.