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A fan dabbed so hard behind home plate that it may have helped J.D. Martinez homer

Mystical qualities have long been attributed to dance -- from healing rituals to the interpretation of oracles. Dabbing, however, has not traditionally been assigned those qualities. Instead, it is most commonly employed as an act of celebration.

During the first inning of Tuesday night's game between the Tigers and Red Sox, a fan behind home plate dabbed so aggressively during J.D. Martinez's at-bat that it can only be assumed he was attempting to transfer some of his energy to the man at the plate:


Later in that same at-bat Martinez hit his 20th homer of the season to become the first player to reach that milestone so far this season. Did the energy of the frantically dabbing fan just feet away impart some mystical power? We'll probably never know for sure, but we can't rule it out, either.