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J.D. Martinez had no idea where Gary Sanchez's fly ball went (it was over the Green Monster)

J.D. Martinez knew that he was in trouble. The Yankees already had an early 2-0 lead in the top of the first on Wednesday night against the Red Sox when Gary Sánchez hit a high, arcing fly ball to deep left field.
Martinez backtracked a little bit but had to give up. He had no idea where the ball was, and indicated just as much with a shrug:

In all fairness to Martinez, Sanchez didn't seem to have much of an idea either as he rounded first:

The good news for Martinez? He didn't have to be worried about making an error on a ball in play.
The bad news for Martinez? It was gone.
Martinez told's Ian Browne after the game that given the way the sky looked, he had a bad feeling prior to Sanchez's drive. "It's kind of that twilight sky at that time," he said. "I don't know what you want to call it. I didn't see the flyball before that either, the one that went to the infield.
"I remember looking at Brock (Holt) and was like, let me know, because with the sky I can't see. I turned to Jackie (Bradley) and said the same thing. Two pitches later ..."
Sanchez's two-run homer made it 4-0, Yankees. At least there was no harm, no foul for Martinez on the fly ball confusion. Plus, Sanchez went ahead and did him the favor of making sure there was no debate about whether his second homer would stay in the park or not:

What a gentleman. Martinez appreciated it so much that he made his fifth-inning grand slam a no-doubter as well:

That's a fair trade. The Yankees got the last laugh, though, as they came away with a 10-7 win.