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A look at which teams have been trade partners most often over the past decade

With the non-waiver Trade Deadline coming up on July 31 at 4 p.m. ET, we decided to take a deep-dive into which teams have made the most noise in Deadline's past. Has your favorite team been active every year? Who have they traded with most? Has one division traded more often than another? Find all of your answers in this trusty graphic below:

Some key notes:
- The team with the most trades overall in the last 10 years is the Pirates. They've made 158 deals since 2007. The A's are the only other team with over 150 trades; they've made 151.
- Everyone loves to trade with Pittsburgh. The Pirates don't just pace MLB in overall trades since 2007, they've also been the most frequent trading partner for seven different teams -- the Braves (eight trades), Mets (five), Giants (four), Red Sox (11), Yankees (10), Indians (13) and Twins (five).
- The Giants have rarely pulled the trigger on deals. Their 48 trades since 2007 are the fewest of any of the 30 teams, and they have no more than four with any single club. But whatever they've done (or haven't done), that strategy has paid off with three World Series titles.
- The most trades between any two clubs since 2007 is 14. That's been done by two pairs of teams, both involving the Blue Jays -- they've traded with the Phillies and A's 14 times apiece.
- Toronto has accounted for more than 15 percent of the Phillies' trades since 2007, 14 of 91. That makes them the heaviest trading partner for any single team, going by percent of total trades.
- The most common intra-divisional trading partners of the last 10 years are the Red Sox and Orioles in the American League East. They've traded with each other seven times in that span.
- Crosstown trades haven't exactly been common over the last decade. This month's José Quintana trade was the first between the White Sox and Cubs going back to 2007. The Mets and Yankees have also only traded once in that time. The Dodgers and Angels have made three deals.
- Rivalry trades, too, haven't happened very often. The Yankees and Red Sox have made one trade since 2007, as have the Cubs and Cardinals and the Dodgers and Giants. The Mets and Phillies, whose rivalry began in earnest around 2007, haven't traded once since then. All that makes the Rangers and Astros' four trades since '07 seem hefty by comparison.
- The Rangers and D-backs trade with everyone, literally. They're the only two teams to have swung at least one trade with all the other 29 franchises in the last 10 years.
- The Cardinals, on the other hand, are the most discretionary about who they trade with. There are seven teams they've gone untraded with since 2007, the most of any team. Those seven: the Mets, Reds, Pirates, Giants, Yankees, Rays and Twins.
- The Royals have spread their trades around the league the most evenly. Their most common partner of the last 10 years, the Rangers, has been on the other end of only 6.5 percent of Kansas City's total trades in that time. That's the lowest share of a team's trades accounted for by its top trading partner.
- The most-trading division since 2007 is the AL East, whose five teams have made 591 trades in total over the last 10 years. The least-trading division is its counterpart in the National League -- the five NL East teams have made just 453 trades.
- The rest of the trade totals, by division: 487 for the NL Central, 497 for the NL West, 463 for the AL Central and 579 for the AL West.