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A Reds fan made a fantastic over-the-shoulder catch ... while holding his child

When fans go to a baseball game, they expect to see impressive athleticism, reflexes and hand-eye coordination from the 20 or so professional athletes that play in the game. Often, they're also treated to some incredible feats in the stands as well.
In the second inning of Wednesday night's game against the Rockies, Reds fans witnessed a memorable display of coordination and concentration when Gerardo Parra fouled a ball into the stands. Just look at this over-the-shoulder, no-look catch ... all while holding a baby:

We've seen this sort of catch before and it's known as one of the greatest defensive plays in the history of baseball. We're talking, of course, about when Willie Mays made The Catch in the 1954 World Series:

While Mays was running at full speed with his back turned to home plate when he made The Catch, he wasn't holding a baby.