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Billy Hamilton left a cleat mark on the outfield wall after a parkour-like catch-and-throw

If you've ever watched a professional wrestling match, you've seen how the fighter will often jump into the ropes to catapult back into the action. The Reds' Billy Hamilton decided to use that logic against the Giants' Brandon Crawford in the eighth inning of Monday's 10-7 loss to San Francisco
Hamilton ran 105 feet to snatch the ball, and with his momentum carrying him toward the wall, he did little to stop himself. Instead, like a swimmer completing a lap, Hamilton raced up the wall and threw the ball to the cutoff man while suspended in mid-air. 

Radical! Tubular! Outrageously cowabungis!
And look -- he even left a cleat mark in the wall. Hopefully, years from now, some baseball detective will see this and wonder "How on earth did this happen?"