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A-Rod co-hosted 'Live with Kelly' and got to play some street softball with Kyle Schwarber

There were a lot of obvious winners from the World Series -- the Cubs, the city of Chicago, David Ross, goats. But somebody else also managed to leave his mark on America without even stepping on a field: Alex Rodriguez, whose insightful analysis as part of the FOX crew was nearly as impressive as his ability to throw a football.
The offseason is upon us now, but the A-Rod Media Takeover continues. Next stop? Thursday's episode of "Live with Kelly," where he served as co-host for the morning. He didn't let the bright lights distract him:

He discussed the finer points of post-retirement life. Like parent-teacher conferences with his daughters, who are absolutely, definitely not embarrassed:

And his life in Miami:

And he even got to hang out with the one and only Amy Adams:

Rodriguez was hardly the only baseball hero to stop by, though. Cubs outfielder/folk hero Kyle Schwarber took some time out of his World Series victory lap to answer some questions about his rehab from a knee injury this spring and what it was like to come through on baseball's biggest stage:

He then proceeded to deposit some baseballs onto the Upper West Side:

Careful, Kyle, there are airplanes up there.