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A-Rod wore a Red Sox jersey and got a champagne shower from David Ortiz because a bet's a bet

For those interested in alternate universe fan fiction, the FS1 postgame broadcast Friday night was for you -- especially if you've spent hours imagining what Alex Rodriguez would have looked like in a Red Sox jersey, which almost happened in a trade 15 years ago. 
After the Brewers beat the Dodgers, 6-5, in a tense and pressure-packed NLCS Game 1 at Miller Park, A-Rod had to make good on a previous wager with David Ortiz. With the Yankees and Red Sox dueling in the American League Division Series last week, the pair of former sluggers backed their respective clubs.
A-Rod, so sure of a coming Yankees series victory, agreed to wear a full Red Sox jersey should Boston prevail. The Yankees did lose the series, so ... this happened on Friday's broadcast:

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Credit to Rodriguez for ripping the jersey open to reveal a Yankees shirt underneath ... even if that means he wasn't technically in full Boston regalia. We'll allow it. And isn't the image of a Red Sox jersey matched with a Yankee shirt and cap especially, universe-bendingly strange?

We'll also call this an even battle, now, considering his attempt to ambush Ortiz by placing a Yankees jacket over his shoulders last October
Wonder what these frenemies will get up to next ...