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A-Rod went on The Tonight Show to discuss J-Lo's new song and managing his full schedule

(Julie Jacobson)

On Thursday, Alex Rodriguez stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss everything going on in his life now that baseball season is in full swing and make the rest of us feel bad for being so stressed about the comparatively open schedules we enjoy.
Throughout the interview, he discussed all the jobs he has. Not only is he a broadcaster for both Fox and ESPN, but he also has his own corporation, serves as an adviser to the Yankees and appears as one of the sharks on Shark Tank. That's basically like driving a ride-share service, doing handiwork on the side and working a bartending job on top of that -- only way cooler.
Plus, his girlfriend -- that's Jennifer Lopez, in case you didn't know -- released a chart-topping song called "El Anillo" that seemingly puts the heat on A-Rod to propose to her. Somehow he seems stressed out about precisely none of this. Professional athletes definitely are wired different than the rest of us.
You can watch the full video of his appearance with Jimmy Fallon below: