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The A's and Yankees fans from the Wild Card beer incident attended ALDS Game 4 together

We don't always know how or where we'll make a friend. While we all expect to have some friends from work, school or our neighborhood, you never know who you might meet on a bus ride, at the coffee shop ... or when you get beer poured on you at a baseball game.
During the AL Wild Card Game between the A's and Yankees, an A's fan had the unfortunate experience of having beer poured on him while cheering on his team at Yankee Stadium. The A's were quickly on the case to identify the fan and get him some new beer-free gear.
It didn't take long for the A's fan to identify himself. I mean, who doesn't want free gear?

Despite the incident, there were no hard feelings. The two parties made amends and even met up to hang out:

But their budding friendship didn't end there. Even though John's A's are no longer in the postseason, he went along with Chris -- the beer thrower-- to take in Tuesday night's ALDS Game 4 at Yankee Stadium:

Chris even bought the ticket for his new friend.
All things considered, this seems like one of the least likely friendships of all time. But that just makes us even more happy that it happened!