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The A's proposed waterfront ballpark looks absolutely breathtaking

For years, the A's have been trying to build a new ballpark. They nearly moved to Fremont in the mid-2000s, San Jose after that and, at one point in the late 1970s, New Orleans
But over the last couple years, team president Dave Kaval has vowed to keep his team #RootedInOakland and construct a new space and vision right in the city. The storied history and fervent fanbase were far too important. And on Wednesday, those new ballpark plans finally came to fruition:

The complex would be located at Howard Terminal on Oakland Inner Harbor (10 minutes from the Coliseum) and hold 34,000 people. About 6,000 at a time could be transported to their seats on potential gondolas (!!). Kaval even said as much at the press conference:

And as far as seating, the press release states sections will be "arranged in the closest configuration possible to home plate, along with an elevated park that wraps and frames the bowl, coming down to meet the waterfront." 
Just look at that view:

There are also preliminary plans to include green space outside the actual field -- putting the "park back in ballpark." This area would be open year-round and include new housing, affordable housing, restaurants, and more. Kaval hopes this type of setup will blur the boundaries between stadium and land-just-outside-the-stadium -- allowing new bars and establishments to theoretically serve as the concourse.

The site of the old Coliseum -- home to four of the franchise's nine World Series titles and the last remaining baseball/football mixed-use stadium -- will be redeveloped into public park space. It will also include retail, housing and a reconstruction of the original Coliseum diamond. For baseball and I guess maybe, hopefully, gladiator fights.

Opening Day is set for 2023 (pending a Howard Terminal environmental review and lease agreement with the Port of Oakland). By then, Kyler "Bo Jackson" Murray will be slinging fastballs and 35-year-old Khris Davis will be cranking dingers deep into the water beyond the left-field wall:

Keep up to date with info and renderings of the new ballpark here.