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The A's used 'KD Commits to Oakland' to announce their Khris Davis extension -- sorry, Warriors

The A's made some news on Thursday, announcing a two-year contract extension with slugger Khris Davis worth a reported $33.5 million. This is a big deal for the A's, considering nobody's hit more home runs in MLB since the start of the 2016 season than the man they call KD.

That last part is important. "KD" here pertains to Davis, but in the Bay Area, it also pertains to Kevin Durant of the Warriors, who are battling the Clippers at the moment in the NBA Playoffs. There's a lot of chatter that Durant will leave the Warriors as a free agent after the season ends, which makes this phrasing by the A's that much more ... spicy:

This amusing little bit of wordplay also extended to print, as Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle captured on Friday morning.

As someone very in tune with the Bay Area sports scene, I find this whole thing just great.

And I also think it's nothing more than some good-natured fun -- after all, Durant can't commit to "Oakland" anyway, since the Warriors will be heading across the bridge to San Francisco to play their home games at the Chase Center beginning next season.