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Listen to a Spotify playlist for all the whispers, deals and changes of Hot Stove season

The cold months of winter can be cruel -- but thankfully, that's precisely when the Hot Stove heats up. 
The Winter Meetings have come to a close, but the rumors, whispers, chatter and speculation accelerate as we plunge further into the depths of the offseason -- the time when really big deals get done.
It's with that in mind that we present another curated Spotify playlist of songs for this particular time of year. But first, a breakdown of each selection and why it's here: 
John Lee Hooker -- "Wheel and Deal"
Rather self-explanatory, no?
Timex Social Club -- "Rumors"
Beyond this song's irresistible groove is its central theme: rumors and trying to get to the bottom of just where Mark Trumbo will wind up. 
David Bowie -- "Changes"
From the player to the team to the fans, any offseason is chock full of ch-ch-ch-changes
Led Zeppelin -- "Going to California"
On the move, heading to a new zip code ... 
Willie Nelson -- "On the Road Again"
For some players, changing uniforms is as routine as brushing teeth -- kind of. 
The All-American Rejects -- "Move Along"
Baseball, like all things, is impermanent in nature. Sometimes we have to just accept that and move on. 
Nina Simone -- "Feeling Good"
That aforementioned impermanence can sometimes lead to significant changes -- but it's all about how you feel inside, really, that keeps you grounded. 
The Byrds -- "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)"
Everything (and every trade) happens for a reason. 
The Who -- "Bargain"
Picking up that eventual league MVP for spare roster parts? Man, that's a bargain. 
The Romantics -- "Talking In Your Sleep"
The talk spreads somehow ... 
The Go-Go's -- "Our Lips Are Sealed"
Unless you're careful!  
Backstreet Boys -- "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)"
For fans, of course, the offseason can be quite a stress test. 
Drake, Future -- "Change Locations" 
It's part of the game. 
Bonnie Raitt -- "Something To Talk About"
Hot Stove season brings with it several opportunities for conversation, not to mention reactions!  
The Clash -- "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"
Players don't really get to make that call, but it's still something they undoubtedly think about.
Adele -- "Rumour Has It"
They're hard to ignore.  
Mumford & Sons -- "Whispers in the Dark"
Rumors, whispers, talk, conjecture, inklings. They're out there ... 
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