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Aaron Judge is so strong that he managed to put a dent in Yankee Stadium with a homer

By now, you're probably aware that Aaron Judge hits a whole lot of homers -- he entered play on the Fourth of July with 27, to be precise, the most in the Major Leagues. He hits them onto hotels and concourses, at home and on the road. Dingers are, put simply, kind of his thing.
The home run Judge hit on Tuesday against the Blue Jays, however, was no ordinary homer. Not only did it leave the bat at 118.4 mph -- the fourth-hardest homer of the season, according to Statcast, trailing ... three more Judge homers -- but it traveled 456 feet while not getting higher than 59 feet off the ground:

Yes, even Judge's line drives carry 456 feet. Oh, and the ball was hit so hard that it managed to dent the metal above the gate beyond the fence in left-center field:

At least Judge had a sense of humor about all that property damage. As he told's Matthew Martell: "I'm still waiting for the bill from [the TV]."

The Home Run Derby cannot come soon enough.