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Gaze in astonishment at this photo of Aaron Judge making Chris Davis look tiny

The Yankees' power-hitting phenom, Aaron Judge, has gone on a rampage so far this season, making big league ballparks (and their standard dimensions) look like Little League parks. 
He's a very formidable presence, too, standing at 6-foot-7 and weighing just over 280 lbs. That's seriously huge for a baseball player, and it's led to some great moments already in 2017.
In the Yankees' 8-3 win over in Baltimore on Tuesday, however, the sheer magnitude of Judge's size came face-to-face with the O's Chris Davis, himself a formidable presence at 6-foot-3. And, well:

That's not quite Jose Altuve-Nate Freiman levels of optical bewilderment, but it's close. And considering Davis' reputation as a bona fide strong man himself, capable of breaking bats over his knee and effortlessly solving teammates' frustrating bat weight issues, it really puts things in perspective regarding Judge.