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Aaron Judge received 10 write-in votes in New York City's mayoral election

In early November, New York City elected Mayor Bill de Blasio to a second term in office. Though he won re-election quite easily, the election -- like all others -- featured some surprising candidates receiving votes.
The State of New York usually appoints its judges, but 10 voters in New York City clearly wanted one:

That total of three votes was just in New York County. In the city-wide race, Judge amassed a total of 10 votes, with Porzingis just edging him out with 11 of his own.
Though Judge and Porzingis came up short in this election, the 21 total votes they received can be seen as encouraging for their electoral viability. By forming a Judge/Porzingis ticket -- and with a little campaigning thrown in -- they may very well have a shot next time around.