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Aaron Judge obliterated a new flatscreen TV during BP, then went yard twice during the game

Heading into this season, the Yankees added some enhancements to Yankee Stadium, including some new facilities in center field. Called "Outfield Terraces," these newly constructed areas were designed to give fans even more forms of entertainment at the ballpark. 
The new terraces provide a lively sports bar setting in which patrons can take in the action and socialize: 

That's all fine and good, and these Terraces will likely be popular all season long. However, the area received a rude awakening before Tuesday's game with the Blue Jays: Aaron Judge is around, and he poses a threat to TVs in the vicinity of the Terraces. Judge, who's has had an eventful week demonstrating his might, found another way to make something look small when he stepped into the batter's box during batting practice and absolutely obliterated one of the terrace's new flatscreens:

Ouch. Here's another angle truly demonstrating Judge's expectation-shattering power:

A good heads-up for the future if anybody is out by the restaurant whenever Judge and his 6-foot-7 frame steps into the box during a game (or before it!). 
With a BP session like that under his belt, guess what Judge did in the actual game? Well, he connected on not one, but TWO dingers.
He hit a third-inning homer to right field, of course, before robbing a hit with a slick diving catch in the fourth: 

And then in the seventh, one more time -- his 12th of the year.

On the night, Judge, Aaron Hicks and Brett Gardner combined to hit five homers en route to the Yankees' 11-5 victory over Toronto.
His prodigious night puts him in some elite Yankees company.

Not one of us is worthy.