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Adam Conley pied himself in the face after saving the Marlins' 1-0 victory

There's no getting around it -- the Marlins have had a rough time with the Braves in 2018. Entering Friday, they had a 3-13 record on the season against their division rivals, dropping the last seven contests in a row to them.
Thanks to some stellar pitching, the Fish flipped the script and blanked the Braves on three hits in a 1-0 shutout win. Reliever Adam Conley tied the bow on it with a perfect ninth inning to earn the save.
So what better way to cap off the long-awaited victory than a pie in the face?

Yes, Conley simply pied himself. Sometimes, you just have to take matters into your own hands.
The pie to the face wasn't totally Conley's call, though -- the monkey made him do it: