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Adam Eaton's special grand-slam secret: Blow a bubble for extra focus

Delivering in clutch situations is one of the most impactful elements of baseball. With the game on the line, how will you perform? 
Will you be able to cut out all the noise, all the distractions, all the extracurricular elements that can sometimes get to be too much? When it comes down to that pitch, that moment, will you be able to keep it all out of your consciousness and ... stay as committed to the hunk of bubblegum in your mouth as your offensive task at hand? 
Well, Adam Eaton can, and did on this go-ahead grand slam on Wednesday night: 

Let's look at that again, courtesy of's Jordan Bastian:

That all went down in the White Sox-Indians game, turning a 7-6 White Sox deficit into a come-from-behind 10-7 win. That's some tremendous focus by Eaton, who timed a Cody Allen curveball perfectly while remaining fully involved with blowing a bubble.
As Eaton told's Scott Merkin after the game, he wasn't exactly aware of his feat as it happened: 
"I heard that. I didn't know that. I think I was so flustered about my swing before, I was just trying to make contact, not to look really stupid, and apparently I blew a bubble. I'm all right with that."
Still, he had to admit he was (perhaps subconsciously) focused on the bubble, too: 
"Sometimes you do some things you're not thinking about, and mine must be blowing a bubble, so we'll take it."
We already know the humor gum can provide in the dugout, and Starlin Castro showed us all firsthand how powerful it can be on defense. Thanks to Eaton, we may have also gotten a glimpse into its offensive skills as well. 
Take it away, Dean Martin ...