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Adam Engel hit the perfect line-hugging bunt that refused to roll foul

Home runs are majestic and line drives to the gap are divine, but nothing can go toe-to-toe for subtle oddities like the bunt. Adam Engel showed off one of the best kinds during the White Sox' 9-2 loss to the Giants on Friday night. 
After tripling earlier in the game, Engel came to bat in the seventh inning and dropped a bunt down the third-base line. The ball came off the bat a little too hard and seemed destined to roll over the line and go into foul territory. That would have wasted a strike and all of Engel's hustle as he ran down to first base. 
But Engel's bunt was perfect. Perhaps by design or perhaps by divine force, the spin on the ball ensured its path stayed true and it avoided any pesky pebbles that would knock it from its path. 

Sure, it might not be as exciting as a homer, but this bunt has the added benefit of Pablo Sandoval's wedding-ready "Roll foul, c'mon roll foul" shuffle. And you don't see many shuffling outfielders on a dinger. 
It might not be a homer, but you also don't see many homers where the fielder shuffles out of its way.