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Adam Jones was robbed of a home run, shed some (totally fake) tears, then got his revenge

Trailing the Rays, 3-0, in the bottom of the fourth inning on Friday, Adam Jones launched a fastball from Matt Moore to deep left-center field. It was if all of Camden Yards was willing the ball out of the park -- and it nearly made it, if not for a perfectly positioned Taylor Motter standing guard.
Cruelly robbed of his homer, Jones was, understandably, quite … distraught:

... Or whatever you want to call that maybe-not-Oscar-worthy-but-definitely-meme-worthy display of fake crying. We're not saying he Crying Jordan-ed himself, but:

Adam Jones has been really feeling his feelings lately, huh?
Our story does not end there, however, no sir. Just two innings after Motter robbed Jones while barely lifting a foot, Jones sent another ball to left-center. And this time, he would have no reason to cry, for real or not.

Jones' homer ignited a four-run inning for the Orioles, who went on to win, 6-3. No more tears, Adam.