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Adam Jones punting a piece of gum is the most impressive athletic feat of the year

Even though the Orioles won Wednesday night's contest against the Padres, 7-2, Adam Jones got a little frustrated after a fly out in the bottom of the sixth inning. He wasn't about to leave the diamond without a demonstration of athletic prowess, however.
Now, we feel like we have to prepare you for what he did next, and we can't possibly build this up too much. Forget about Lionel Messi's incredible free kick. Put even the LeBlock aside. As incredible as both of those feats were, what you're about to see will blow them out of the water. We now present to you: Jones spitting out a piece of gum and then punting it into the sky. 

Sure, it didn't score any runs or bring a championship to a city devoid of one for more than half a century, but it required a truly incredible amount of coordination. And, it was really weird. So, what we're saying is Adam Jones ought to be on the cover of every sports magazine for the next three months.