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Adam Jones and his dance moves know when he makes a good catch

Adam Jones knows an impressive play when he sees one, and he's always willing to recognize -- always, whether it's an impressive Mike Trout throw, or his very own leaping catch at the outfield wall.
In the first inning against the Blue Jays on Saturday, Michael Saunders launched a pitch to deep center field, but Jones had it the whole way. He made the leaping catch that ended the inning look totally casual, and he celebrated as such:

That's a dance that says, unequivocally, "Yeah, I made a great catch and yeah, I know it."
Unfortunately, like a baseball-playing Icarus, he may have flown a little too close to the sun. In the next inning, he chased down another shot to center, and it didn't go quite as well:

See, that's why you have to celebrate the good ones when you have a chance.