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Adam Jones rocked a David Ortiz 500 homer necklace ... until Big Papi homered

With the Red Sox giving away David Ortiz 500 home run necklaces before their game against the Orioles on Tuesday, the best jewelry this side of Flava Flav's clock was seen all around Fenway Park. That even extended into the visitors dugout with Adam Jones proudly displaying the Ortiz bling. 
Unfortunately for the Orioles, Ortiz, while wearing his already iconic hoody, would crush his 506th home run in the first inning. Which meant it was time for Jones to remove the jewelry.

Hey, we all make fashion faux paus. Like the time I wore Hawaiian shirts every day freshman year of high school. 
It would all work out for the O's, though, thanks to their own homer-hitting prowess. J.J. Hardy and Mark Trumbo combined for three home run to power the team to a 9-5 victory, and improve to a perfect 7-0 to start the year.