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Adam Rosales sprinted around the bases in 15.88 seconds, besting his own home run 'trot' record

If there's one thing you know about Adam Rosales, it's this: He does everything with maximum effort. Whether sliding into bases, making defensive plays or hitting home runs, he leaves it all out there on the field.
And while most hitters sit back and revel in their home runs, trotting around the bases with ease and a sense of, "Hey, I just did a really cool thing, let me chill out a bit here," that's not a world in which Rosales lives. No, he sprints around the bases after homers harder and faster than anybody else does anything on the diamond.
In his ninth-inning solo shot in the A's 5-3 win over the White Sox on Sunday, Rosales even bested himself with an absurd 15.88-second race around the bases after the blast:

That "trot" put him back on top of the Statcast leaderboard as being responsible for the fastest home trot since Statcast started in 2015, replacing ... well, himself. The previous record, set way back in April 2017, was a measly 15.9 seconds and looked like this:

Here's the latest breakdown of home run trot expedience, which you'll see is filled with Rosaleses (and some Billy Hamiltons, too): 

When told by's Jane Lee after the game about his record-breaking trot speed, Rosales wasn't even aware of what he'd done: 
"What? I didn't think I was going as fast. I'm not thinking about it, I'm just running. My adrenaline's going, and it's Chicago, my hometown, too."
All this activity from "Speedy Rosales," as the A's television crew referred to him on Sunday, begs the question: Could he actually beat The Freeze? Maybe one day we'll find out.