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Adam Rosales just broke his own record for the fastest home run 'trot'

When most batters hit a ball that clears the fence, they take the time to soak in the adulation of the crowd (or boos, if on the road). It's a time to relax, clear your mind and just slowly trot around the bases. Not for Adam Rosales. He treats it like a time trial for the Olympic track and field team. 
The A's infielder had 10 of the 11 fastest times around the bases last year. On Saturday, as Oakland took on the Mariners, he broke his own record. 
Leading off the bottom of the first, Rosales blasted Aríel Miranda's 1-1 offering over the wall -- and the race against the clock was on. While the ball hung in the air for 5.5 seconds, Rosales sprinted around the bases in just 15.90 seconds. That's some Flash-like speed. 
Perhaps most shocking, he wasn't even going for the record. "What? I thought I was getting older," the infielder told's Jane Lee. "I guess I'm speeding up."
Somehow, he even managed to give a high-five to third-base coach Chip Hale as he rounded the bag.

What did Rosales tell Hale as he rounded the bases? "I told him, 'Get out of my way!'"
To put Rosales' sprint in perspective, not only is it the fastest home run "trot" -- if you can even call it such a thing -- in the Statcast-era, but it was also only .36 seconds slower than Charlie Blackmon's inside-the-park home run he hit on Friday. And that one  required the Rockies outfielder to sprint around the bases. 

Here's the new top-10 for fastest home-run sprints. Not surprisingly, it's dominated by Rosales, with two appearances by baseball's fastest man, Billy Hamilton: 

Will we ever see a sub-15 second trot? It seems almost impossible, but that's what people said about the four-minute mile, too.